How to choose the best yoga clothes?

How to choose the best yoga clothes?

2022-12-01 15:27:36

Improving downward-facing dogs or trying new balanced poses at a yoga studio is challenging enough on its own, but it's even harder when you're fiddling around with sagging, too-tight, or uncomfortable yoga clothes. That's why it's important to choose yoga clothes that are breathable, flexible, and comfortable.

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How to choose the best yoga clothes?


There are too many yoga clothes on the market now, and the price of yoga clothes is still high and low. In fact, Your yoga clothing purchases will depend largely on personal preference, as well as the style of yoga you plan to practice. Here are about 3 points to choosing yoga clothes in summary, maybe, will help you to choose the right yoga clothes.


1.The fabric should be comfortable and breathable


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The fabric should be comfortable and breathable. Because when you are practicing yoga, the body will sweat a lot. If your yoga clothes are stuffy and airtight, the feeling will be wonderful. Therefore, when choosing yoga clothes, you can look at their fabric composition and then make a choice.


Polyester-nylon-spandex blends


Most yoga clothes on market are made with polyester-nylon-spandex blends, and for good reason—these fabrics offer the right balance of comfort, breathability and flexibility.


Because,Yoga practice is not limited to sitting in meditation, or stretching in a soothing way. Different postures change with breathing, and clothes need to be able to stretch and bend with the body. Loose clothing can easily hang down to cover the head (very dangerous) and expose the body when practicing head-down poses. And Yoga involves bending, stretching, binding, lunging, reaching and rolling. Your clothes need to be able to keep up with these movements, which means they’ll probably be made with at least 15 percent spandex.


Organic Cotton Fabrics


Compared to polyester-nylon-spandex blends, organic cotton fabrics don't stretch well but are breathable.




  • sportswearGood air permeability, sweat absorption, on and quick drying, not sticky not greasy, and will not produce static electricity;
  • yoga clothes Natural pollution-free, will not induce allergy, asthma or atopic dermatitis, can prevent eczema;
  • yoga sets Does not contain any toxic or harmful substances to the body;
  • sportswear Soft and comfortable, no irritation, very suitable for your skin;
  • Organic Cotton yoga clothes Organic cotton has excellent resilience, drape, and wear resistance.




If your skin is more sensitive, you can choose Organic Cotton yoga clothes. If not, you can choose "spande.x" fabric. This kind of fabric generally has better air permeability,faster moisture absorption, and flexibility.


2. The Design Should Be Close-Fitting


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It is generally not recommended that you choose loose yoga clothes for practicing yoga, because loose clothes are really super inconvenient. Although loose yoga clothes are no problem for you to perform lying and back bending poses, when you have to stand upside down and do other things, problems arise. Moreover, It is generally not recommended to choose loose yoga pants, it is best to choose ones with body shaping. Because professional yoga pants can more easily see the lines, state, and direction of muscles. Professional yoga pants are designed in combination with the stretching of yoga itself that More to achieve the effect of training.


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In addition, don't wrap them tightly with wearing yoga clothes, but the clothes should cover the body and move together without slipping. It won't prevent you from opening and contracting your ribcage during breathing exercises, and it will ensure that your beautiful chest won't stand out in downward-facing dog or standing poses.


3. Avoid yoga clothing with zippers or embellishments


Many yoga clothes are designed with small zippered pockets on the back waist, which are used to store gadgets such as locker keys, and sports bras also have buckles on the back. Try to avoid wearing such clothes to practice yoga. Many yoga poses require you to lie down with your entire back close to the ground. At this time, any protrusions will make you feel uncomfortable and even bruise.


Tips for purchasing the best Yoga Clothes


If you buy Yoga Clothes in a store, try the following actions as long as conditions permit:

1.Stand and stretch your hands overhead as far as you can, then relax. Check jackets and trousers can whether or not return to their normal position. If most of the top is squeezed at the waist and the waistband of the pants is stuck at the crotch, it may be that the size is selected too small, or the material is not elastic enough.

 2.Stand in bat pose. Check the clothing doesn't slide down to reveal the body.

 3.down dog. Check the neckline doesn't droop to reveal the bust and that the garment doesn't slide down.

 4.Twist your body from side to side. Feel whether the clothes can rotate with the body and whether the shoulder straps do not shift.

 5.With your back to the mirror, bend your legs apart and look at your buttocks in the mirror from between your legs. Check it and make sure that the Private parts of the body are not exposed.


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