How to Choose a Suitable Sports Bra?

How to Choose a Suitable Sports Bra?

2022-11-26 15:25:46

With the popularity of running, fitness, and other sports, more and more girls are joining sports. But as a girl who has just started exercising, she must first prepare suitable equipment for herself. The first thing to bear the brunt is the sports bra, and the chest is the key protection object, the suitability of the sports bra has become the top priority.


Professional sports underwear is different from ordinary underwear in many ways. Whether it is the selected fabrics, emphasized functions, or details and craftsmanship, there is an independent set of standards. So, how should we choose a sports bra?


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Breathable perspiration


First of all, the fabric of the sports bras should be sweat-absorbent and breathable, and the ones with high requirements should also be antibacterial. The sports bras on the market now include pure cotton, Lycra, and ultra-fine fabrics, all of which are fine, but in addition, some functional fabrics are even better. Some sports underwear adds soybean protein fiber to the fabric, which not only feels soft, but also has an obvious antibacterial function; another relatively high-end ingredient is milk silk, which also has a natural antibacterial function, and is breathable and sweat-conducting. . In addition, there is a mesh fabric, which is also very breathable.


Good support


Always wear underwear when exercising, even when doing yoga. Otherwise, the chest will not be supported and protected, and the shape of the chest will soon be out of shape. Even some sports with relatively large movements can cause the pectoralis major to be torn. Sports bras especially emphasize support and protection in style design, so that the breasts and the body form a whole, which not only fixes the breasts from vibration but also prevents the breasts from hindering movement.


The support of sports underwear is mostly achieved through the design of the rubber band (the part between the cup and the back hook) and the wrapping of the fabric, rather than relying on the steel ring, because the freedom of the steel ring is not so good, and it is comfortable to exercise Both sex and flexibility are unsatisfactory. Therefore, most sports bras do not have steel rings or use soft steel rings, the bottom is moderately elastic, and the fixation is good.


Breathe freely


Since sports bras are designed to first consider the support and protection of the chest, the shaping function is not as good as that of ordinary bras. Therefore, some girls don't like to wear sports bras or choose to wear tighter sports bras. These practices are not advisable. When choosing sports underwear, you must try it on. When you try it on, you can breathe freely, and stretch your movements freely, and at the same time, the chest is comfortable, stable, and feels safe.


Quick Fact: Exercise Categories by How Much Vibration Your Breasts Receive During Exercise


High-vibration sports: basketball, gymnastics, running, soccer, volleyball, high-impact aerobic dance.

Moderate vibration sports: race walking, rowing, stair climbing, tennis, step aerobics.

Low-vibration sports: cycling, bowling, golf, walking, and weight exercises.


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